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Do you know what an "alter ego" is? - a second personality within, real but truly "other".  THAT'S DIRTY DAVE!  Anyone who knows this gentleman knows that he is one heck of a crisp and clean person, in every sense of the word.  But man o man watch him enjoy those meatballs rolling all over the place.  That's probably why he is the smartest one of all.  Have fun making the mess, then have fun cleaning it up with 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover - A true balance!  He knows 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover is a stain remover that can remove the toughest stains.

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Last weekend I power washed my house in preparation for repainting. The house has painted cedar siding that was dirty, had faded in many areas and had little black mold dots all over it, looked pretty bad. I had some 1000+ Stain Remover I had recently purchased so I thought I may as well use it, maybe it would make the job a little easier. When I finished cleaning the siding I could hardly believe my eyes, the dirt was gone, the fading was gone, and the mold was gone. The siding looked great and does not need to be repainted after all, WOW!      

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The boys and I bought a used boat last weekend for our lake house.  Jim and I traveled to Alabama to check it out and take it back home.  The gentleman selling the boat thought it would be a good idea not to clean it before arrival.  Thankfully the boat itself was in great shape but obviously needed a good cleaning.  I turned to Jim and said, “Don’t worry about the surface stuff, 1000+ Stain Remover will take all of this off, including the paint scuff marks”.  Sure enough we got the boat home and Jimmy went to work on it.  Needless to say it worked like a charm and I’m bringing up an extra bottle to clean up the jet ski’s and some other things.  I wish I had some before and after pics!

 S.M. (Alpharetta, Georgia)

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We have a 2 year old ferret, Mr. Blonde,  that only has his internal scent gland.  Although this should help cut down on his odor, his odor is still very strong.  I used 1000+ (Winning Colours) on him, after washing him with dish liquid first, and I was amazed how he no longer had an odor.  I was so excited that I asked my husband to smell the ferret.  At first he refused, because he knows how bad he stinks, but then gave in.  He too was amazed that the odor was gone.  It is now day 5 and there is only a small hint of odor on Mr. Blonde.  I will definitely buy more 1000+ so that we can continue to have a better smelling ferret. 

In addition to our ferret experience, I now use 1000+ to mop our tile, cement, and marble floors.  Just two nights ago I filled our sink with water and another cleaning product.  When my husband and daughter realized what I was using, they asked me to empty the sink and to refill it with water mixed with 1000+  I am amazed how fresh and clean our house smells!




I've been using Winning Colours /1000+ since 2006 when my first child was born. I had tried many so-called stain removers and this was the only product that was able to clean baby poop (and other baby stains) from his clothes! Our son stayed in the same size of clothes for long periods of time as he was very slender, so I have no doubt that Winning Colours/1000+ saved us money from having to buy more clothes in the same size range to replace what would otherwise have been unwearable.

In addition, we had received hand-me-downs which would sometimes have stains that were pretty set in.  With Winning Colours/1000+ we were able to salvage many articles of clothing that would have likely hit the landfills or been made into rags. I usually give a bottle of Winning Colours/1000+ as a gift at baby showers because it is SO useful not just in the laundry room. It absolutely pays for itself.

Once I was shopping at Canadian Tire in the laundry section and noticed a man scratching his head looking at the products.  He commented to me that there are too many “stain removers” to choose from and half the time they didn’t work that great anyway.  I took the opportunity to recommend Winning Colours/1000+ and told him my experience with it, and he thanked me and went happily to the paint section to ask for it.

When I find a product like this that actually does what it claims to do, and is at a great value, I highly recommend it to all who will listen.  Thank you and keep up the great work!


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