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Katarina is a Mom from Atlanta, GA.  She first heard about Winning Colours (now called 1000+) Stain Remover from her sister in Canada.  Katarina is an experienced mom and knows what she likes.  Her new favourite stain remover is 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover.  She knows she can trust 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover to remove the toughest stains.

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Well my buddies son and friend last year spray painted the retaining wall.  Winning Colours Stain Remover not only removed it, but made it look easy.  Winning Colours Stain Remover did a great job removing spray paint from the wall.  I would highly recommend using Winning Colours Stain Remover for removing paint stains.  You can trust Winning Colours Stain Remover to remove the toughest stains.