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1000+ In Action (wine spills)


Here is a short testimonial about my 1000+ “savior” moment:  A few of my friends and I were gathered around my new apartment having a glass of red wine.  Unfortunately, my glass was suddenly bumped from my hands and my wine spilt everywhere on our new WHITE carpets, which happened to be right in the front entrance!  Everyone started panicking, except for me, who calmly walked to the kitchen cabinet, grabbed my bottle of 1000+ Stain Remover and announced to everyone not to worry, I had the perfect solution.  I poured 1000+  directly onto the stain(s), followed with water and the wine literally lifted off the carpet and I was able to soak it up in a cloth!  To see the look of amazement on everyone’s faces was one thing, but to see my white carpet white again, was the best!  Thank you for a wonderful and safe product – something that I can always count on to get me out of a “spilly” situation!