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1000+ In Action (Removing Gum)

My wife unexpectedly found green gum after she washed a load of clothes the other day.  It was in the pocket of my son’s shorts and splotched most all of the clothes in that load.  I told her it was a perfect time to test 1000+ (Winning Colors) Stain Remover.  After about 20 minutes, I was able to make all green gum spots disappear with some 1000+ (Winning Colors) formula and a toothbrush.  Can’t even tell it happened!  And some of those gum spots were real nasty!!

Obviously, my wife was very impressed and is now planning on having a diluted spray bottle of 1000+ (Winning Colors) Stain Remover in her laundry room at all times.

Also, this happened while her sister was visiting, who happens to be a principal.  She also took note.  I told her she should order a bottle and use it at her school and when she sees how well it cleans, and is not harmful to the students or environment, she should contact the Superintendent and have all the schools down there use it.

 There are so many practical uses for 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover!

1 wins

Chewing gum has a way of getting in the most awkward places.  This demonstration is about removing it from a custom landscaping setting, but 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover can loosen the grip of chewing gum in other places too - like sidewalk, a child's hair, under a desk, etc.  You can trust 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover to remove the toughest stains.