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1000+ In Action (removing acrylic paint)


This weekend my wife painted a candy cane that goes outside with green acrylic paint.  I had just gotten back from a basketball game with my kids and I was wearing a new sporty white warm-up jacket.  I offered to take the newly painted candy cane outside and put it up.  After several hours my wife noticed that I had some acrylic paint on my new jacket.  Of course she scolded me first for wearing something nice while doing house chores and said it wouldn’t come out, “It’s ACRYLIC”!  I said no worries, I have 1000+.  My wife uses 1000+ all the time and she even doubted it’s abilities on dried acrylic.  Long story short, it worked as I thought it would and my jacket is saved along with my pride.

S.M., Alpharetta, GA