Find out how others are using 1000+™ Stain Remover

1000+ In Action (hair dye)

 Hair Dye – OH NO! 1000+ Stain Remover – Oh YES!

“When I was at the hairdressers last night one of the girls had dyed a client's hair and when she removed the gloves she had black hair dye on her hands and arm because the gloves had a hole in them. She was going out right after work and was distraught. I said: “Well I think I might have something to help you!” and handed her some 1000+ Stain R...emover I had in my purse. She removed the dye easily and so did one of the other girls who was working and who also had hair dye on her arm. They told me that it usually takes a couple of days to wear off. She also mentioned that it is sometimes very difficult to get the dye off customers skin around the scalp line and asked if they could use it for this. I told them yes, the product is kind to skin, but advised them to put the product on a facecloth or tissue to apply to scalp line and then rinse with water.”