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1000+ In Action (Great Stuff Foam Insulation)

Great Stuff Foam Insulation really is great stuff and has many handy uses.  However, it can be really tough to clean up from your hands, clothes, carpet etc.  1000+ has been proven to help with DRY insulation foam in a number of instances.  This is because 1000+ is very good on adhesives.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  Cured insulation foam is almost impossible to remove because of the special way it bonds.  This is deliberate as this gives strength to the material.  We have heard from several hardware specialists that any Methylene Chloride based furniture stripper  that removes varnish and urethane, (example:  Circa 1850 by Swing Paints) has been known to loosen cured polyurethane foam.   Please give this a try for cured insulation foam.

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