Find out how others are using 1000+™ Stain Remover

1000+ In Action (graffiti)

A scene that could be anywhere in the world!

1000+  Stain Remover (formerly known as Winning Colours) is tops in providing a simple clean-up for so many of the everyday messes around us.  Here is a scene that could be anywhere in the wordl:  An ice dispensing machine outside a convenience store that showed typical signs of urban life - graffiti and grime.

You start at the top, put 1000+ on everything to let it soak in to the mess first, then work your way down. It takes rubbing for a few minutes because 1000+ is kind to surfaces. It doesn’t attack like a harsh solvent. Instead, it begins to work gradually so that you can work with it and decide how much pressure you want to apply on the surface. This special characteristic of 1000+, and its kindness to skin (NO GLOVES REQUIRED), make it the most versatile cleaning product in America.