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1000+ In Action (Clothing Stains)

Meliisa Maker of cleanmyspace knows her stain removers and she is a big fan of 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover.  In her video she removes a Franks Red Hot Sauce stain form white clothing.

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OK, you ask yourself - just how often do you get paint on your sweater.  Sound's unlikely, right?  NOT!  It's actually amazing what a common experience it is to brush up against something that's been painted.  At some point it's happened to most of us.  So wouldn't it be great to simply know, instantly, that it's not a problem because the stuff at home under your kitchen sink will remove that too?  1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover does the job giving you less stress, while removing stains from clothes.

Melissa has what's known as "Street Cred".  A business school graduate, she decided to create a new cleaning company (crowded field, right?).  Yes it is crowded - yet she continues to grow her into one of the most successful new companies in its categoy, with over 1,000 residential clients and growing.  What is Melissa's choice for a "reach for it first" stain remover? 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover.  Melissa only endorses what she believes in.  She believes in a stain remover that will get the job everytime - 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover product for best stain removing results.

Do you know what an "alter ego" is? - a second personality within, real but truly "other".  THAT'S DIRTY DAVE!  Anyone who knows this gentleman knows that he is one heck of a crisp and clean person, in every sense of the word.  But man o man watch him enjoy those meatballs rolling all over the place.  That's probably why he is the smartest one of all.  Have fun making the mess, then have fun cleaning it up with 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover - A true balance!  He knows 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover is a stain remover that can remove the toughest stains.