Find out how others are using 1000+™ Stain Remover

1000+ In Action (In the Garage)


Here an auto mechanic shop uses 1000+ for their annual shop clean up. 1000+ was used on all kinds of equipment and surfaces – and some of the grime was pretty tough.  The results were impressive!



I have an industrial sewing machine that was pulled out of production for cleaning and re-sale, the sewing table was covered in adhesive.  1000+ Stain Remover removed the adhesive with hardly any effort.  1000+ was applied full strength and lightly scrubbed with an old tooth brush, next a paint scrapper was used, the adhesive was instantly removed!



You can’t get away from nasty stuff happening in the car.  We’ve had it all in our family, like coffee, soft drinks, pens being sat on (yes, this happens!) and ice cream (yummm). Now I reach for 1000+ cause it fits in the glove box and lets me keep things nice. Long time fan!


“I was amazed at how well 1000+ performed on restoring the gleam black to an old family heirloom. I simply took a tooth brush dipped it into 1000+ and lightly brushed the charms & links of my gold bracelet. I rinsed the piece under water and blotted dry with a soft towel. In no time at all, the sparkle returned to all of the gems and all traces of black grime were removed from the bracelets links revealing its intricate details”.

I was reupholstering my teak dining room chairs and ended up refinishing all the wood.

On the first chair I used a full sheet of 150 sand paper to remove 20 years of teak oil and body oil buildup before re-oiling and ending up with a new looking chair.  On the rest I scrubbed with full strength 1000+ and green scrubber first and had much less sanding and even then did not use one whole sheet for the next five chairs.  I was a little concerned about leaving residual 1000+ in the wood and it reacting to the teak oiling to be done at the end.  I washed and scrubbed with water after the first scrubbing and wiped with rags before light sanding. The end result was fabulous. Show Room condition!  A couple of the chairs got completely disassembled and re-glued.  I have lots of teak and have had it on boats. I was not worried about water, or extra sanding if required, but they required so little after being completely cleaned, with 1000+  first. It was amazing.  On the photo below “before” is on the left, but I was comparing the fabric, not the finish at that time.


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