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1000+ In Action (Around the House)


This weekend my wife painted a candy cane that goes outside with green acrylic paint.  I had just gotten back from a basketball game with my kids and I was wearing a new sporty white warm-up jacket.  I offered to take the newly painted candy cane outside and put it up.  After several hours my wife noticed that I had some acrylic paint on my new jacket.  Of course she scolded me first for wearing something nice while doing house chores and said it wouldn’t come out, “It’s ACRYLIC”!  I said no worries, I have 1000+.  My wife uses 1000+ all the time and she even doubted it’s abilities on dried acrylic.  Long story short, it worked as I thought it would and my jacket is saved along with my pride.

S.M., Alpharetta, GA


 Recently my two children ages, 2 and 5, thought they'd paint their toe nails with a can of hot pink latex paint. It wasn't long before they had spilled the can on carpet stairs (brand new berber) and onto my hallway of laminate flooring. They proceeded to run their toy cars through the house.  I am amazed at how well your product works, it was suggested to me via a chat group of inspiring decorators. You never know who knows what really works, so I gave it a shot. The lady working at Home Depot where I purchased it said "you should have just used water". OMG are you kidding? It's pink! So, about 1 1/2 bottles later my stairs look great. I will always have a bottle handy for anything, you just never know!


1 wins

My 2 yr old squeezed an entire tube of blue toothpaste on our off white carpet a few weeks ago. My husband scrubbed it for a long time, but the blue tint still remained. I came home from work and reminded him of 1000+ (Winning Colours) we had. We used it and it picked all the blue right up! It was amazing. You have an incredible product!! Thanks!


J.H., Howell, Michigan

Back in August my mom and I decided to paint my spare room light blue.  When we were almost done my mom accidently knocked the can of paint off of the ladder onto the carpet (of course the only area that wasn't covered with a paint sheet LOL!!)  My carpet is pretty light, so I was freaking out!!!  Thankfully my mom had Winning Colours (1000+)  with her.  Once we got the majority of the paint off the carpet we started using 1000+ (Winning Colours).  It worked really well!! The paint just lifted right out of the carpet.  We didn't get it all out but it looks a lot better than it would have without using 1000+  (Winning Colours)  Stain Remover.  I know it's there but I don't think anyone else would notice.
I attached a picture to show you how well it worked.  You can see the wall colour too so you can see what colour the carpet was at one point.
I have to say I'm quite impressed with the product.  It saved my carpet :)