1000+ in Art Studio


“I was amazed at how well 1000+ performed on restoring the gleam black to an old family heirloom. I simply took a tooth brush dipped it into 1000+ and lightly brushed the charms & links of my gold bracelet. I rinsed the piece under water and blotted dry with a soft towel. In no time at all, the sparkle returned to all of the gems and all traces of black grime were removed from the bracelets links revealing its intricate details”.

Before discovering 1000+ Stain Remover, cleaning up in my studio was a very tedious chore and most of the time, very toxic and smelly.  Oil paint stains, brush cleanup and spills were cleaned up with a toxic turpentine substitute and I had to wear rubber gloves.  When teaching art to young people, I had to do the entire cleanup after they had left.  Now, all my studio cleanups are done with 1000+ Stain Remover. My young art students can now cleanup their own messes safely in the studio (although they were quite happy when I did it for them).  For oils, I don’t have to wear gloves, the sink is always clean, no toxic fumes and boy it’s fast!  Even using the high staining Phthalo pigments, 1000+ cleans it so easily.  Even my graphite stains on my nice white table don’t last very long now.  Now my “oopsy messes” are now simply “who cares” thoughts because 1000+ always saves the day. 

Gisèle Grenier, Pet Portrait, Wildlife & Mixed Media Artist

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