Blog Posts (stain remover)

Dec 9 2010 - 3:39pm

There is nothing cuter than a baby and they can be particularly cute when they are eating.  However, they can also be messy, very messy.  A bib only covers so much area and inevitabley they get baby food stains on their clothes, your clothes, the high chair etc.  Winning Colours Stain Remover can help with all these stains.  It works just as well on hard surfaces like the high chair as on clothes.  Just follow the instructions on the Uses/Tips page for best results.  So when it comes to feeding the baby and then dealing with the baby food stains, keep a bottle of Winning Colours handy.

Dec 2 2010 - 2:42pm

I am a bit of a squemish guy.  I am not keen on the sight of blood, not even the sight of blood stains.  So a product that is so effective at removing blood stains from clothes is particularly valuable to me.  The added benefit of using Winning Colours Stain Remover is that it is kind to the skin.  When you use Winning Colours you can apply a small amount directly to the area were you are removing the blood stain from your clothes.  Moisten it with a cloth or sponge and rub the stain, then wipe away excess moisture with a towel of cloth.  You can learn more about how to use Winning Colours Stain Remover by visiting our USES/TIPS page.  So for all the squemish and not so squemish types think of Winning Colours whenever you are removing blood stains from clothes.

Nov 25 2010 - 1:47pm

In these times of video games and virtually unlimited tv selection it is great to see kids spend time with traditional pastimes.  Creating their own artwork with crayons is still a favourite with young children.  All you need is a box of crayons, lots of paper and an active imagination.  However, all this imagination will inevitably lead to some crayon markings on walls and clothing.  This is when Winning Colours Stain Remover is a parents best friend.  It is very effective when it comes to removing crayon markings from walls and clothing and is safe on skin.  To learn more about how to use Winning Colours you can click here.  So go ahead, let the kids have fun knowing we have you covered when it comes to clean up time. 

Nov 14 2010 - 10:48pm

I personally am a big fan of using spray paint.  It can be quicker and easier to use and gets in those hard to paint places. However, the nature of spray paint is that you are likely to get some on your clothes, surrounding surfaces etc.  At least I know I do.  Winning Colours Stain remover can help with all of these; removing spray paint from your clothes, removing spray paint from the walls, removing spray paint form the the floors... you get the idea 1000+ uses.  So when you are spray painting make sure you have your bottle of Winning Colours handy, you'll need it when it comes to removing spray paint.

Nov 10 2010 - 3:43pm

Anyone who does their own painting knows the satisfaction of finally completing a room.  However, even the most careful of painters inevitably leave some stains on the floor.  These paint stains will really show up on hardwood floors.  At this point in the job all you want to do is move the furniture back, hang some pictures and enjoy the freshly painted room.  The last thing you want to struggle with is removing paint stains from hardwood floors.  This is when Winning Colours Stain Remover comes in handy.  It is very effective at removing paint stains from hardwood floors in a safe way that won’t harm the finish on the floor.  In no time at all you will be relaxing in your freshly painted room and not worrying about removing paint stains from hardwood floors.

Nov 10 2010 - 3:39pm

At Winning Brands we always appreciate receiving feedback from customers.  We have a binder full of great testimonials and many on our website and You Tube.  It is very satisfying to hear stories from people who have found great uses for 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover and solved their stain removal and cleaning solution problems.


Recently we had one from a customer who had an unfortunate incident with a glass of red wine that spilled on their carpet.  The first question that sprang to mind for them was how to remove red wine stains from carpet?  Fortunately they had a bottle of 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover handy and suddenly the question of how do I remove red wine stains from carpet was quickly solved.  They diluted some 1000+ (Winning Colours) Stain Remover, applied it liberally to the large stain and problem solved.  What started off as a major problem was reduced to an annoyance that was quickly dealt with.  There are many uses for 1000+ (Winning Colours) and how toremove red wine stains from carpet is just one of them.


Thanks to all of you who have been so kind as to provide testimonials and keep them coming.