1000+ (Winning Colours Stain Remover) Uses. Today's Use: removing blood stains from clothes

I am a bit of a squemish guy.  I am not keen on the sight of blood, not even the sight of blood stains.  So a product that is so effective at removing blood stains from clothes is particularly valuable to me.  The added benefit of using Winning Colours Stain Remover is that it is kind to the skin.  When you use Winning Colours you can apply a small amount directly to the area were you are removing the blood stain from your clothes.  Moisten it with a cloth or sponge and rub the stain, then wipe away excess moisture with a towel of cloth.  You can learn more about how to use Winning Colours Stain Remover by visiting our USES/TIPS page.  So for all the squemish and not so squemish types think of Winning Colours whenever you are removing blood stains from clothes.

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